Van Gogh Starry Sky Paint By Numbers Kit 16"x20"

Van Gogh Starry Sky Paint By Numbers Kit 16"x20"

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Product information: 

Canvas size: 40×50CM 

Frame: no frame 

Package: rolled on bubble bag or box 

What's inside: 

Linen canvas; 3 brushes; 1 set acrylic paint; screws 

REDUCE STRESS AND ANXIETY -Life can get pretty stressful at times, so why not ease your stress with the world’s most stress-free, new craft hobby? Don't worry zero foundation, you also can become an artist. 

SHOWCASE YOUR MASTERPIECE -Nothing is more satisfying than making something beautiful with your own hands. With our Painting by numbers Kits, you will get satisfaction time and time again. Create wonderful gifts for friends and family or install simply frame and hang up your finished masterpiece for all to marvel at. 

ENTERTAINING FOR KIDS AND ADULTS -You don’t need to be Picasso to get started with your very own Painting Kit. They are extremely easy to use, making them great for kids and adults alike. This is a perfect activity for family fun.